Stephanie Gray writes:

i can't quite place these NY streets. it's 1986.. it looks like a street near NYU b/c there's one sign that says DOJO restaurant.. there are other businesses names, but I don't know them. not sure the DOJO has moved. this video reminds me of what old school nyc. not everyone looks wealthy. i also thought this street looked like elizabeth street or old little italy. and i also wanted to know how much was scripted and what was spontaneous. they just don't make videos like this anymore!!! while i feel sorry for BJ's career and it's just too bad, i did like how he focused on NYC on so much of his stuff.

if you could post this as one of your little youtube trivia bits, i'm dying to see who can figure it out. i was in 8th grade and rememberd this video so much in small town texas where i grew up. now that i'm a city filmmaker using super 8 film, i'm really obsessed with this!

The aerial shot makes it look like a Hollywood lot, but the street-level stuff is definitely 8th Street circa 1986, across from the main Dojo-- of course, they've cleaned the street up for the shoot.