Another week, another cut-for-time Saturday Night Live sketch that was better than a large amount of what actually made it onto the show. Last week's Kumail Nanjiani-hosted episode was a big improvement over the Gal Godot one— Nanjiani's monologue and "Customer Service" were two of the best things on the show so far this year—but still had plenty of dead spots ("Nursing Home," "Hotel Check-In," the mess that was the Trump cold open).

Last week, the show cut a Kyle Mooney/Beck Bennett sketch combining '90s nostalgia (a musical parody of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme song) with Trump-induced nuclear anxiety. This week, they cut another Bennett sketch in which he plays actor Blake Vilanti, who teams up with Dr. Robert Khan (Nanjiani) to save the Earth.

Between learning what the ocean is and examining his head shots, Vilanti works to figure out why fish are dying...and also gets a new hat or two. "The environment was getting worse and I had a hard out at 5:30," he notes. Watch below as he physically fights climate change and drives too many red cars.