President Barack Obama dropped by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Thursday night, where he teamed up with the host and the Roots to slow jam the news and recap all that he's done in the past 8 years. He summed up some highlights—clean energy, the Affordable Care Act, and same sex marriage rights—"In short," Obama declared, "Climate change is real, health care is affordable, and love is love."

Throughout the 7-minute slow jam, Obama was doled out some new nicknames by Fallon: Prez Dispenser, Commander in Preach, and Baracky with the Good Hair. And he delivered a gentle reminder that his time in the Oval can't last forever: "Daddy’s got a Hawaiian vacation booked in about 223 days."

Meanwhile, they also got through topics like student loans, the Iran nuclear deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Trump... "I've been watching Orange is NOT the New Black," Obama said. Watch below, and stay for the double mic drop:

They also wrote some thank you notes:

Discussed Trump and the Republican party some more:

And talked Bernie and Hillary:

Madonna was there, too, and brought a classic: