Yankee Stadium was supposed to be electric with soccer fever, but not like this! The Third Rail, NYCFC's only official supporters' group, released a petition this morning aimed at their own club following video of a supporter being stun-gunned circulating on social media.

The incident, which took place during Saturday's 2-1 loss to Columbus at Yankee Stadium, shows two fans being restrained by uniformed NYPD officers. One fan, in a Manchester City jersey, is seen being hit with a stun-gun in the first video. Stadium staff is seen trying to hold off surrounding fans from documenting the fan treatment, with one staffer valiantly shouting "NO RECORDINGS!".

Full details about what triggered the incident have not been released, although two Reddit users claimed to be eyewitnesses:

In response to the incident, a petition was posted this morning by The Third Rail, the club's largest organized group of supporters. The petition, titled "City Football Group and NYCFC Demand Fair and Ethical Treatment of Fans," is addressed only at the club and its parent ownership group—not Securitas (who provides security), the NYPD (who also provides security), or the Yankees (which own the other 20% of NYCFC).

While the petition meanders into club performance ("You have put a product on the pitch that looks good on paper but doesn’t translate to wins") and a few shots at the Red Bulls ("Jump the Hudson and ask those guys in New Jersey how they wish they had support like us"), the crux remains that they'd just like to support their soccer club without fearing for their safety at the hands of hired security:

We are in our first season and we’re fired up about this club and the possibilities that lie ahead. We demand assurance that we are valued beyond our ticket revenue. We demand properly trained stadium staff. We demand proper and ethical treatment from NYPD. Without those things this relationship is irreparably damaged.

You should be extremely concerned with the precedent Yankee Stadium, it’s employees and NYPD set on Saturday.

This is not the first time NYCFC supporters have clashed with Securitas and the NYPD, so it's troubling that these incidents continue so late in the season. With NYCFC fighting desperately to stay in the playoff picture, the club doesn't need any distracting drama among its supporters. (It would also help if coach Jason Kreis wasn't taking shots at his own players!)

The NYPD's press office did not have any information about the incident readily available (we were told to email for information). A source from the club told Gothamist: "We won't comment on the specific incident as it's a police investigation. Our fan safety is of paramount importance to NYCFC."