This Thursday night NY1's Roger Clark is hosting an event in celebration of A Holiday Benefit, Vol. 4—a compilation featuring local musicians and which benefits 826NYC (video promo below). In anticipation of the seasonal shindig, we dug deep into Clark's stocking to find out his yuletide secrets, here's what he told us:

Does Pat Kiernan really resemble Hermey the misfit elf?: I do think Pat Kiernan from a certain angle slightly resembles Hermey the misfit elf, and hope saying that doesn't get me banned from the morning show forever.

Which reindeer do you relate to?: I can relate to Rudolph because he was a little nerdy at first but then came around and wound up on television, sort of like me.

Christmas tree: real or fake?: Growing up we always had a fake tree... but I live in a studio now so it is a little squishy for a tree... but if I did get one, it would be real.

Favorite holiday song: "Merry Christmas Baby, Please Come Home"... both the Darlene Love and U2 versions are amazing. Quirky Favorite: "Santa Claus" by 60's Garage Legends "The Sonics"

Favorite holiday movie: the original "Miracle on 34th Street" in black and white... I love William Frawley aka Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy who has a small but hysterical role.

Favorite NYC Holiday Moment: Those few days before Christmas when everyone is suddenly really nice to each other... for the most part that is. Strangers wishing you happy holidays, people at work who usually don't talk to you saying Merry Christmas... it really does seem to bring out the best in people, even in NYC where we tend to be a bit jaded and rough around the edges.