We just received a press release about New Jersey's own Laura Warshauer, who has just unveiled her sonic heartfelt tribute to Will and Kate, titled "To Will and Kate, Meet Me at Exit 109." And guess what, it comes with an amazing video that you can watch below and that we just passed along to the UK's Secret Intelligence Service.

Warshauer went to St. Andrews College in Scotland during the same time the royal couple did, and has some photos of the two from that special time, which she is now sharing with the world. Do Will and Kate remember one of their first stalkers? No matter, she remembers them, and says, “When I heard the amazing news of Will and Kate’s engagement, I remembered those Sunday night lasagna dinners we all had freshman year at [St. Salvator’s Hall] and was looking through photos [and] scrapbooks from that year. The memories inspired this song.”

It's like Jersey Shore meets Geordie Shore meets the Royal Wedding crazies meets Rebecca Black.