If you squint long enough, New Jersey sure does look like a magical place, what with all the bears playing on slides, living in houses, chilling in aboveground pools, and frolicking on hammocks. And there's no local celeBEARty as beloved as Pedals, the black bear who has been wandering around upright through suburban NJ for over a year now.

Pedals was spotted in Oak Ridge this week, once again casually poking around for any sign of fish innards or porridge remnants, just like any normal bipedal human would.

While it's undeniably adorable the way Pedals slouches just like a real boy, it seems his predilection for walking upright is not because of our working theory that he learned everything he knows about people from The Bangles. As CBS reports, locals have noticed that he has some injuries to his front paws, which is why he keeps his weight off of them as much as possible.

But at least he has gotten better at walking upright over the last year:

Seeing as how it's October, Pedals will probably be going into hibernation soon. We hope he gets some help for his paws before that, and stays away from delicious kayaks.