A rat briefly dragged a bag of garbage along a sidewalk in New York City last Thursday morning. The incident was documented by a pedestrian who used her mobile device to record a video, which she subsequently uploaded to YouTube.com. Here is that video, which was originally reported by DNAinfo and has been viewed over 5,000 times:

It's fun to watch rats obtain sustenance. Remember that one time a rat dragged a slice of pizza down the subway stairs? Everyone called it "Pizza Rat"! It seems like only yesterday, but it's been almost two years since that Pizza Rat dragged our hearts down onto the subway trackbed, triggering a seemingly inexhaustible supply of "Move over, Pizza Rat" Internet content: Donut Rat, Churro Rats, Pita Rats, Taco Squirrel, Fight Rats, etc. It's almost as if rats will eat anything, and humans will record video of any rats eating anything.

But none of those vermin eating videos scratches the itch quite like Pizza Rat. Except for Pizza Rag. Remember Pizza Rag? Oh, and Rat Cage Rats! Those were some memorable rats.

Online publishers are betting big on rat-based garbage video content, according to recent trends in journalism.