Justin Timberlake may have performed a couple of songs at his Manhattan restaurant recently, but his focus is set firmly on acting and saving MySpace for the moment. Some people would prefer the musical talent focus on the song and dance while he still can, however, and to that end, they've made this somber plea.

Last night Timberlake caught wind of the movement, and LMAO'd it off on Twitter.... but Justin: this is no joke! Co-founder of the group, Sara Schaefer, tells us, "Anyone who knows me can tell you that he is my tip top favorite celebrity, and so I think the reason this video came together so well is because it actually comes from a very real place for us, and for a lot of people. With Justin's reaction, I might be inclined to say 'my work here is done,' but obviously I can't say that until he drops another album. So until then, we persevere."