There is the MTA's code of conduct for riding the subway, and then there is the far more philosophical and hardcore unwritten code of conduct which all New Yorkers abide by—and it clearly states there that experienced straphangers must ignore anything extraordinarily bizarre happening on the subway. With a couple exceptions (aiding someone in obvious physical or mental distress, or taking part in the rare delightful communal experience), New Yorkers should avert their eyes from the attention-seeker and instead offer occasional knowing glances at their fellow commuters who are also just trying to get to where they're going. This forms an unspoken solidarity that is the glue that barely holds our broken subway system together.

But sometimes you can't look away. Sometimes you have to look the alien-spider hybrid person pantomiming around the train like a Stranger Things creature who has fallen on hard times in the eye, and really, truly, consider the choices you have made that led to this moment.

Hannah Keyser said she rode with the alien-spider hybrid person around 12:45 p.m. Wednesday on an uptown Q train between DeKalb Avenue and Canal. "Eventually as the spider(?) kept interacting with people, they started laughing," she told Gothamist.

She added that it turned out to be a woman in the suit, and after she took her mask off, she started handing out cards to people. While Keyser wasn't able to grab one, she said thinks it said "something about how she was promoting the masks."

Have you spotted the alien-spider hybrid person before? Do you know about her mask business? Can you one-up her with an even weirder subway sighting? You know how to find us.