Jonah Hill officially was admitted into The Five-Timer's Club on last night's new episode of Saturday Night Live. With great returning characters (six-year-old budding Borscht Belt comic Adam Grossman) and new surreal ones (that proposal sketch, those pugs), Hill proved yet again that he's one of the sneaky best hosts from the last decade.

While it was overall an enjoyable episode filled with bizarre moments, it didn't quite have a "watercooler"-worthy standout sketch (I really did love the "Teacher Fall Down" one, though). Also, a lot of tabloid-y material bled into the show, including Alec Baldwin's arrest on Friday and Pete Davidson's personal life.

After his arrest for a allegedly punching someone over a parking spot, it seemed very unlikely Baldwin would show up to play Trump in the Cold Open. Instead, Kate McKinnon played Fox News host/chief scaremonger Laura Ingraham as talked about the immigrant caravans, talked to Cecily Strong's Jeanine Pirro, and played random YouTube clips & scenes from World War Z to really freak out the audience. At the end of the sketch, the writers poked fun at Baldwin: "When we come back, an update from disgraced former actor Alec Baldwin, seen here molesting a young Boy Scout," she said while showing a photo of Baldwin's Scoutmaster and Adam Sandler's Canteen Boy.

During the Monologue, Hill was welcomed into The Five-Timer's Club by Tina Fey, Drew Barrymore and Candice Bergen, the later of whom stole the show and seemed to have the audience in the palm of her hand with her every punchline. When Hill asked where all the men were, Fey responded, "Turns out they're all a bunch of horny perverts"—except for Kenan Thompson, who lives there. "Yeah, this is my show. I let YOU in here some times." (In addition to Fey, Barrymore and Bergman, there was a portrait of Scarlett Johansson and maybe one of Melissa McCarthy, the only other two female members of the Five-Timers Club, on the walls).

During that last sketch, Bergman ordered a "Pete Davidson" drink, which she noted, has "got a lot going on but it gets the job done." Davidson's much-publicized broken engagement with Ariana Grande threatened to overshadow the entire show before it even began—after Davidson joked about the relationship during a stand-up show last week, and then again made a marriage joke in this week's SNL promo, Grande critically tweeted about Davidson, then released her new single thirty minutes before airtime.

Also before the episode started, it was reported that Davidson decided to pull a skit where he joked about their breakup. But he did talk about it when he showed up later in the night for Weekend Update to discuss the midterms. He had some (pretty good) jokes about various pols: Rick Scott "looks like someone tried to whittle Bruce Willis out of a penis;" Peter King looks like a cigar came to life;" Andrew Cuomo "looks like a guy that's sleeping with your mom but stays overnight and eats breakfast with you in his boxers."

Then at the end, he suddenly pivoted to Grande and the breakup, "The truth is it's nobody's business and sometimes things just don't work out and that's okay. She's a wonderful, strong person and I genuinely wish her all the happiness in the world." He added, "Now please go vote on Tuesday."

Adam Grossman, who is like the ultimate Adam Sandler character parody (in a good way), made his fourth appearance. If Hill's goal here was to try to make Leslie Jones crack up, he definitely succeeded—especially whenever he yelled Bob Marley lyrics at her.

There was a Democrats Ad that perfectly captured the apprehension of most liberals headed into the midterms. Kudos to Kyle Mooney for his expert mumbling and Jones for all her cats (and that cat reaction shot).

In the aforementioned KCR News Proposal Sketch, you think you know exactly where things are going once Hill's Matt shows up with flowers to propose to Cecily Strong's weather reporter. The moment Hill's disembodied head starts bobbing onscreen as he rap-proposes (because he's wearing green standing in front of a green screen) is pretty hilarious. But the final twist—with Strong one-upping Hill's proposal with her own filled with ballet dancers, balloons and Thompson singing "Colors Of The Wind"—knocked this way up for me.

In the ad for Divided We Stand, bland Broadway musicals dive head first into our political climate. The best detail: it is being staged at the Mariska Hargitary Theater.

I have no doubt that Teacher Fell Down was the most polarizing sketch of the night. You either loved the absurdity of this very specific premise/character—McKinnon's teacher has fallen down in class, and she is VERY dramatic—or you really hated it. I fell into the former camp, I think—mostly because of the way way McKinnon kept obsessively saying things like, "Teacher's on the ground. Everything's different. Are we okay?" I truly was laughing like a cat.

Besides Davidson, Weekend Update had Melissa Villasenor's character Every Teen Girl Murder Suspect On Law & Order as a guest, along with Thompson's Big Papi to talk about the World Series (and his many sponsorship deals, including Bitcoin: "Don't know if it's gold or chocolate? Bit coin, and you'll know it").

Jost and Che covered Gritty, Operation Faithful Patriot ("What Mike Pence yells during sex"), why you can't trust slogans that have to say how great things are ("The subway is full of ads about how the subway is improving"), voting (Che had some...opinions), Oprah campaigning ("like Santa bringing you a pamphlet on Stacy Abrams"), and the most accurate way to tell the country's temperature: "Never a great time for Democracy when ice cream is taking sides."

There was an ad for America's Got Talent: Wait They're Good? compilation, which made me wonder, "Do people who watch SNL really still watch American's Got Talent?" Mooney's Howie Mandel freaking out and shouting at the surprise talent was a highlight though.

Wonder how Sarah Huckabee Sanders can sleep at night? Her secret weapon is HuckaPM, which is what Michael Jackson's doctor calls "one and dones."

The 10-to-1 sketch of the night was a pretty good one for dog lovers: Hill and Strong starred as the owners of Pug Wigs, which is definitely a legitimate business (that is definitely not a front). Tina Turner gets the award for best pug.

And lastly, Maggie Rogers may not have a full-length album out yet (it's coming in January), but she already pulled an Ally and graced SNL's stage with two songs: "Light On" and "Fallingwater." If you don't know much about her, you can learn more here.

Next week, Liev Schreiber will host, with musical guest Lil Wayne. Until then: