Fasten your seatbelts for a hilarious new reality show about the harrowing world of Queens driving instructors and their bumbling students. The new A&E series Last Chance Driving School debuts Saturday night, and judging by the photos and the trailer, it looks wheely wild! According to A&E, the premiere episode stars "stay at home mom Jasmine," who "takes a highway driving lesson with Sven with disastrous consequences. Pete is pushed to the edge by first time driver Sharron—one of the worst drivers he's seen in his 37 years on the road! And things heat up back at the school when a female student flirts with Sven—much to Maria's annoyance!"

And just wait until next week, when flirty part-time stripper Brianna drives Sven straight off the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge and drags his mangled body from the burning car just before it explodes—with hilarious results! [Via Streetsblog]