Yesterday was Ghostbusters Day, marking 32 years since Peter Venkman, Ray, Spengler, Winston, and Rick Moranis busted into our hearts and cinemas. And to celebrate, Jimmy Kimmel invited the new all-female cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live!—and then he had the original cast crash, probably to placate all the haters.

Indeed, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts showed up to say hello, hopefully trailed by the much-missed ghost of Harold Ramis. The new gang addressed what happened when they first saw Ghostbusters (Kate McKinnon: "I was in utero. And God, I laughed,") while Murray—who even smiles at some point!—revealed why he was cool with the new film after having resisted a Ghostbusters 3 for so long ("It was only because I knew these girls were funny.")

Well, women, but whatever—see clips below, complete with Ray Parker, Jr. performing the Ghostbusters theme for the whole crew.

The new team addressed some of the h8, reminding all of us that Internet Commenters are a gang of sad unemployed losers (hi, commenters!)

Anyway, it's really time for Kate McKinnon to star in her own movie. MAKE IT HAPPEN, LORNE.