Ladies, finding it challenging to keep your mascara on during this sweltering heat we've been having? No problem, artist Jessica Harrison has created flylashes! All you need to do is rip the legs from flies, and somehow fasten or glue them on to your existing eyelashes. As one might imagine, the PETA troupe is horrified by this, saying, "I can see how she might find tiny flies' legs to be reminiscent of human eyelashes, but couldn't she just leave it at that? I mean, my beagle Lulu had ears that felt just like velvet, but that didn't inspire me to go around hacking off hounds' ears to make a beagle blazer."

Don't worry PETA, Harrison warns that "flies do naturally carry disease and I was lucky not to contract an eye infection"—so that should stop any copycats from trying this. Though one site is wondering what type of eyelash glue she used, and says, "we sort of sensed that 'insect beauty' was on the rise."