[Update Below] Last night the new Disney cruise ship "Fantasy" made its New York City debut, so of course lots of Disney stars showed up. Bloomberg was there, naturally, Jerry Seinfeld did standup ("Oh my god, I'm on a boat. Finally, I get to see what the end of my career will be like.") and Mariah Carey played fairy godmother (why not?). But the treat of the night was surprise host Neil Patrick Harris, who showed up to sing some snarky songs. And not just an obvious "Under the Sea" spoof ("At The Buffet") but also a Mary Poppins-inspired "Super Splashy Synergistic Glitzy Celebration" aimed directly at Disney.

Nothing too nasty—this is Disney—but fun nonetheless. Watch for yourself:

Y'know, if you are going to christen a cruise ship (presumably for massive piles of cash) there are worse ways to do it than by making light fun of your corporate overlords. Also, we gotta say. NPH, who really can sing and dance, does a solid "Disney wave."

Update: In case you were wondering what it looks like when Mariah Carey plays "fairy godmother" and christens a ship that really looks a little more "fabulous" than one normally expects from Disney? Wonder no more: