People on the internet in 1995.

In 1995 MTV News visited the World Wide Web, which had only been around a few years. It was the year Michael Jackson moved into cyberspace, apparently! It was also the year that David Bowie decided he was already bored with the internet. That guy, always the pioneer! Check out the video below, where Kurt Loder and a cyber journalist take a dip in the cyberpool, which at the time included "a twirling image of R2D2" and, separately, lots of sex. Some of the things you'll hear include:

  • "If you ain't on the information superhighway baby, then where is you?" — Coolio
  • "You can talk to someone pretending to be a penguin!" — Kurt Loder
  • "I think it's helped, along with the bootleg tapes, to spread the word about us... it's a little weird." — Dave Matthews

[via Laughing Squid]