Mr. Robot closed out season one in a flurry of chaos, naturally, with the revolution underway—the final scene (before the bonus scene), however, is simply a knock at Eliot's door (we don't see who it is, but maybe it's Tyrell?). The show is set to return on July 13th, and its creators just released a first look at what's to come. The trailer features an Obama cameo (who speaks from a post-fsociety-hack world), more promises of changing the world, more Christian Slater, further inspection of the "infinite loop of insanity" that is—or is it?—Eliot's brain, and other minds in their various states of fragile unrest. Enjoy!

That diner you see above was not created on a soundstage, it is gloriously real, called Paphos Diner, and located at 2501 Fulton Street in Brooklyn.