Romance isn't dead, it's just been munching on KFC chicken corsages and barfing on the N train. But in case social media, dating apps and real life are making you feel blue before Valentine's Day, here's a tonic for your troubles: below, watch as a man serenades his love by singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" with a trio of Mariachi players in Long Island City.

"Looking down my window in snowy freezing NYC this morning this guy is serenading a woman in the building across," uploader Rimma Muchnik wrote. "Later on runs to her with a huge bouquet of pink roses." We unfortunately don't get to see that satisfying moment of we must put faith in Muchnik that this man was welcomed with open arms, and wasn't actually a Creepy Man Attempting An Unwanted Grand Gesture.

Here's our only glimpse of the fair maiden who inspired this gesture. If that isn't the look of love, then I don't know what Burt Bacharach and Hal David were talking about.


For what it's worth, the spectacle at least restored the video uploader's faith in love: "This in a nutshell why i continue to be a hopeless romantic and whole heartedly believe in love and will always remain with an open heart ...and absolutely refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies and grand gestures."

If anyone feels inspired to do this for their sweetie, may we suggest the most romantic song from the most romantic movie of all time?