At this point Americans looking for solid retail deals have become pretty predictable, if still entertaining. Stores will announce massive sales and, like sheep, consumers will line up waiting for the doors to open and then make a mad dash to get their grimy paws on everything. Probably the most famous runs happen on Black Friday (though bridal dresses are pretty popular too). But shoes are apparently a big draw, too. Just check out these ladies who really wanted some 60 percent off shoes from Saks on Boxing Day:

Mostly we just love the bitchy commentary in the elevator directed at the woman who dared hit a button not for the shoe floor. And to be fair to those wild shoppers, the sale only went for four hours (after that the discount dropped to 40 percent). But still! "It was like a mob of people. People were pushing each other, getting on each other, saying, 'No, that’s mine' and 'I wanted that shoe,'" a 33-year-old male shopper from New Jersey told the News of the line that reportedly wrapped around the floor.

How nuts did things go? The crowd got so crazy that at 11:30 a.m. Saks had to shut down the shoe floor because of overcrowding. Still, at least there were no reports of injuries? [h/t Jezebel]