A Westchester couple who thought their metal bird feeder was safe from hungry animals that weren't birds got a rude surprise this week when a large bear broke the thing apart with its ba-...uh...plain claws.

Sylvia Smolensky and her husband Steven Silberstang told CBS 2 they filmed the footage from the balcony of their Pound Ridge home as the 300-pound bear munched away on their bird food below. The hungry bear apparently hung around eating for about half an hour before it got bored or full of the urge to go destroy something else, and wandered back into the woods.

Silberstang told a reporter he was a civil engineer and marveled at the bear's ability to destroy something that he said a puny human would need a machine to break apart. As the saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry when matched up against the brute strength of a bear.