The Mermaid Parade is a massive, diffuse event involving thousands of creatively costumed revelers dancing through the Coney Island amusement district. With after-parties raging well into Sunday morning, there's no point where the event definitively ends, but if we had to pick a "time-to-go-home-record-scratching moment" from Saturday, it would be the sight of this man dancing in the subway wearing nothing but a bike helmet, red Crocs, wool socks, and a thong. You're welcome, NYC:

The person who uploaded the video to YouTube says, "Leftover from the Mermaid Parade. Seen at Atlantic subway spot after seeing him kicked out of Mermaid Parade. Cop said, 'You have to leave, right now.' " So does donning a thong in public now qualify as indecent exposure? If so, it could be the end of an era for Fulton Ferry Park.