Normal Bob Smith, the anthropologist of Union Square, has been documenting life amongst the weird and woozy regulars at Union Square for years now with his Amazing Strangers site. We've previously been entranced by his videos documenting the butt sniffers, the creepy peepers, and the guys with incredible swagger. This week, he brings his latest find: Union Square's very own Yoko Ono. Watch below as she wails ala Ono's 1970 hetai-influenced, primal scream-classic "Why"...while a guy beatboxes.

Unfortunately, as you see by the 3:40 mark, the beatboxer goes on an extended mouth & saliva solo, prompting Union Yoko to note, "he's making it worse." Like so many other classic partnerships before them, the duo breakup before their time. We never would have imagined that the John Lennon of Union Square would turn out to be a diva beatboxer, but that's #deblasiosNY for ya.