Reno the "hurricane cat" wasn't the only adorable critter whose story will forever be tied to Hurricane Irene—during the middle of the storm, a lamb was born at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Central Park Zoo. She's been named "Irene Hope," she's ridiculously cute, and she sounds like a kazoo. Watch below:

Irene was born on Saturday, according to Susan Cardillo, an assistant curator for Central Park Zoo: “On a day of great uncertainty for New York City, the lamb brought smiles and hope to all of us at the zoo. We had to name her Irene Hope. She was a big surprise. It is rare to see a lamb born in late August.” Irene is a Southdown or baby doll sheep, one of the oldest breeds of sheep that originate from Sussex, England; her proud parents are Truffle and Sid.

And you can start visiting her at the zoo today! "It's important for the baby to come out and be with the herd, to socialize and learn how to be a sheep," Cardillo told the News. We just hope she'll be able to teach us about life, love, and being nice to each other.