All legends have impersonators, so it's about time that Pizza Rat got one.

The real Pizza Rat, who attempted to lug an entire slice down a flight of subway stairs, became a symbol for New Yorkers, reflecting their own daily struggles in the city. But his impact was felt beyond New York, too—this determined little rodent also touched the hearts of humans worldwide, and quickly skyrocketed to a level of international fame.

While the real Pizza Rat is still out there somewhere, probably in Hollywood signing a reality TV deal, back home he has now gotten the impersonator he deserves. Below, watch as Pizza Rat 2.0 makes his first appearance on the subway platform and in the streets:

Pizza Rat 2.0 was created using a remote control car, a taxidermied rat, a day old slice of pizza, and superglue:

[h/t Reddit]