It's bad enough when paparazzi target adults, but on Tuesday a particularly vile one decided to go after 7-year-old Suri Cruise, an innocent child who has never known a life where there weren't a gaggle of photographers surrounding her wherever she goes.

The below video shows Katie Holmes, Suri, and a friend leaving the Trump International Hotel on Central Park West, where the incident happened. As the photographers flock to them, Suri says "Stop," and as the trio try to navigate through the tabloid hounds, she tells them: "We're trying to get in the car. Stop it! Get out of the way." Seems like some reasonable requests! But one paparazzi yells out, calling her a "brat," adding, "She's a bitch. A little brat kid." But not everyone is so evil, after the outburst another paparazzi scolds him and schools him.

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[via Fishwrapper]