After a couple tumultuous weeks on the comedy rollercoaster that is Saturday Night Live, Matthew McConaughey will be the host of this weekend's brand new episode (with musical guest Adele). McConaughey cut some promos with cast all-star Kate McKinnon, in which they cold call some potential viewers, inspire each other with their work, and perform the Wolf Of Wall Street chest pound tune (to McKinnon's delight).

Although McConaughey hasn't actually been on SNL in 14 years, SNL has had plenty of fun at his expense during the so-called McConaissance, with Jim Carrey and Taran Killam both playing him at different times. Carrey was especially good in a series of fake Lincoln ads last year.

And below, you can see Killam's take on McConaughey from the Woody Harrelson episode, also last year.