I spent more time than I care to admit playing round after round of Mario Kart 8 while social distancing in the early months of the pandemic, and being able to play friends remotely was truly the most social activity I got up to during that time period. So catching a glimpse of Mario & Luigi racing around the city in real life is both something I may have hallucinated during one such feverish marathon session and also something that really did happen this month.

Pranksters Caleb Simpson and Irving Salazar dressed up as the duo in order to film their "MARIO KART PRANK" video on August 14th. Simpson, who has 3.8 million followers on TikTok and also a YouTube page filled with somewhat similar prank videos, told the Post that his ultimate goal was to “push some positivity and hopefully make the people laugh.”

You can watch the video below, which includes electric go-karts that didn't go faster than 15 MPH; a memorable pizza throw; and police stopping them briefly in Times Square.