Frank and Alyssa love Best Buy. Frank and Alyssa love each other. Through the transitive property, the logical location for Frank and Alyssa to pledge their eternal love for one another is at one Staten Island Best Buy, surrounded by friends, family, and flat screen TVs. Remember when Natalie Portman got married in a Wal-Mart in Where the Heart Is? Even jaded New Yorkers love their big box stores.

The scene opens with a romantic ballad floating from one of Best Buy's state-of-the-art stereo systems—the clear vocals say Bose® - CineMate® GS Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System, but this day is about love and commitment, not touting the benefits of a 2.1-channel speaker system with improved digital acoustic performance. A montage of Frank and Alyssa play on several high-def screens around the showroom—Panasonic, LG, Sony and even Toshiba all unite in an effort to broadcast the pair's love in crisp HD images.

Alyssa, looking shocked, is cornered by balloon-wielding friends near a stack of Energy Power Bar 2-Way Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofers. Frank, laughing, hugs her, and the two take a moment to train their collective gaze on their high resolution images glowing from a plasma screen. "Nice picture quality," the back of their heads seem to say.

Finally, in no less than 1080 pixels, the words "Will You Marry Me?" flash in unison across the glare-resistant LED screens. Frank bends to one knee, and says something inaudible, likely because he forgot to pick up his MXL - Live Series Dynamic Microphone from the Audio aisle. Alyssa—also not equipped with a mic—appears to say yes, based on the fact that Frank then slips a ring on her finger.

Assembled family and confused shoppers flood the couple with embraces, blocking our view of the screens, which is incredibly frustrating. The video cuts out, we imagine, so Best Buy staff can distribute complimentary DVDs to the wedding party—Lord of the Rings to the men, and the Bling Ring to the ladies.

We wish Frank and Alyssa a lifetime of happiness, and remember: If you were as touched by their lovely engagement story as we were, feel free to send them a gift—they're registered at RadioShack.