It's an age-old dilemma: is a moment in the white hot spotlight of viral fame worth the risk of infection from licking stuff on mass transit? The answer is a resounding yup for this adventurous tourist, who took a page out of the Bart Simpson playbook and licked a pole on a dare while on vacation in New Jersey and NYC. The man describes himself on YouTube as "drunken alter ego Stu in all his glory. Dares.. bets... drunken antics and general ridiculousness." (His only other video is of him having an "Irish breakfast", so clearly Stu's career is just getting started, can't wait to see what he does!)

Hopefully one day someone can inform Stu that he did not actually lick a NYC subway pole, but rather a PATH train to Hoboken, making his claim to fame completely illegitimate.

Despite the fact that they often come in contact with used condoms, human excrement and so many butts, licking mass transit and subway poles has become something of a past time for impressionable tourists, drunk guys and dirtbag teenagers. At least Stu got some free drinks for potentially exposing himself to Hepatitis and rotavirus. WORTH IT.