Madonna and her daughter Lourdes have launched a new clothing line called Material Girl, and they're currently seeking a "Lucky Star" to be the face of the brand (what happened to Kelly O?). This behind the scenes footage was posted on the clothing line's YouTube, so presumably Madonna cleared it—but why? Her Madgesty comes off as being sort of terrible. In it, she says she just "isn't sure people understand irony anymore"—so maybe this was scripted and meant to be ironic, in which case, we're not sure Madonna understands irony anymore. Because telling her teenage daughter that she'll "swell up" when she grabs a plate of fruit is pretty much totally what we would expect to see as a fly on the wall. Lourdes, however, totally nailed the mouthing-off teenager schtick:

By the way, if you want to be the next Material Girl, head to Macy's in Herald Square on November 2nd. [via Vulture]