Louis C.K. was Jon Stewart's final Daily Show guest last night during the penultimate episode of his run on the show. "I'm thrilled to be your last dude—person," C.K. said. "I came on behalf of comedy...just to say, 'nice job.'"

C.K. reminisces about seeing Stewart perform at the Comedy Cellar ("who's this little Jew, he's funny"), talks about his excitement for Stewart's next project and Trevor Noah starting at the Daily Show ("all love begins with...'who the fuck is this'"), and the long-lasting relationships between comedians. "It's really like one of the great comedy accomplishments of all time," C.K. said about Stewart's tenure at the Daily Show. Watch them below.

Stewart also reflected on his predilection for "eviscerating" and "demolishing" everyone he targeted, from ISIS to race relations to Wall Street to Fox News in the segment, "The Daily Show: Destroyer Of Worlds." Or maybe the world is worse—except for the Mets, of course. Check out his irony-drenched 'victory lap' below.

Seeing as how tonight is the final episode of Stewart on the Daily Show, you might be craving more Stewart thinkpieces, longreads, and graphi-cultural ephemera. You could read Stewart memories from comedians and former Daily Show employees or you could read about how Stewart turned the Daily Show into the world's best book club. You could learn how Stewart became the "voice of a generation" or learn his thoughts on peanut M&M's. You could learn what his last show means to Millennials or you could find out his serious lesson for journalists.

You could skip all that and just read Bill O'Reilly's sincere appreciation of Stewart. Or you could watch Arby's pay homage to the man who has continually made fun of them (and plugged them) over the last 16 years.