Zach Galifianakis 2.0 unveiled the latest episode of his beloved web series "Between Two Ferns" (which is basically the asshole version of "The Chris Farley Show") featuring special guest "Bradley Pitts." The two chums swap gum, talk about how Pit [sic] looks like Hitler's dream, discuss Galifianakis's work with Doctors Without Diplomas, and load up on Friends references. To liven things up, Galifianakis brings out Louis C.K. for some very timely stand-up: "It's a crazy town. There's a couple of rats on the subway, and I thought they were either Ebola or ISIS." Watch below.

Our absolute favorite part, besides the cameo from our favorite Mars truther, is when Galifianakis asks Pitt whether it's hard to maintain a suntan. There are shit-eating grins, and then there is the smile plastered on Galifianakis's face in that moment.