Louis C.K. is all-in for Hillary Clinton, he said last night on Conan, but not because he's settling on a candidate: "It's not a lesser of two evils," he said. "I think she's great, super talented, super smart, I'd take her over anybody else that would do it." And what he's most excited about is getting the first mom president after 240 years of dad presidents: "It's not about the first woman [president], it’s about the first mom," he explained. "Because a mother, she’s got it. A mother just does it. She feeds you and teaches you, she protects you, she takes care of you."

While C.K. was quick to say he had "no problem" with people voting for Trump, he got into why he thinks Trump's thin skin make him an unfit president: "Four more years of a guy who can't be criticized. What's more important about a president than you can shit all over them? That's what presidents are for...the point of a president is to get drunk and blame them for everything."

"We need someone who can take abuse," he continued. "Hillary Clinton can take abuse. She's been taking it and taking it. We've been hazing her, holding her down and spitting in her mouth and yelling at her...and she just keeps working!"

He summed up his feelings on the election thus: "If you vote for Hillary you're a grownup; if you vote for Trump you're a sucker; if you don't vote for anyone, you're an asshole."

Conan also continued his NYC adventures by getting a dance lesson at Alvin Ailey: