Pole dancing rats are so May 2019. Indecisive pigeons make me yawn. Domesticated ducks are a dime a dozen. If you've become somewhat numb to the wonders of adorable animals getting lost on the subway, then maybe you just need a slightly more hardcore animal avatar—some sort of creature that carries over 60 human-infecting viruses. Then you're in luck, because nothing screams infectious disease like a loose bat on the F train.

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We’ve got bats! #subwaycreatures (@geezjawn)

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How did a bat end up on the train? Was it living down there or did someone's pet bat slip out of its harness? Or is it a rat that spouted wings? Was this someone's sick idea of a lentil soup experiment? Is this viral marketing for Robert Pattinson's upcoming indie project? Or perhaps for a certain beloved Staten Island-based FX comedy? And the ultimate question: would you rather ride the subway with a loose bat or a loose rat?

If and when we learn more information about the bat from its uploader, we shall update this post accordingly. Until then, let's hope the MTA is considering a Bat Delay—or perhaps some sort of Bat Signal—to inform straphangers when their subway line has gone batty.