Oh sure, everything's dandy when life is all guns, unsubtle threats and major pwnage...at least until Mom gets home. In the video below, one would-be gangster videotapes a response to some folks from New Jersey whom he says have greatly disrespected him and his widely-known "hardness." And then he does something that is very un-P. Diddyish.

Some nonbelievers think that the video might be fake—but we like to think that even if that were so, there are still deep issues to be parsed and meaningful lessons to be gleaned from it, on everything including gun safety, the thin line between slang and Woody Allen impressions, the importance of making that "blam" sound after pretending to shoot a gun, and the emptiness of a life without chains and hair gel. And of course, man's struggle to acclimate himself in a world with an absent God, who always seems on the verge of taking away car privileges.