It's not even been a week since the polarizing series finale of Game Of Thrones, and society isn't quite ready to move on. How could we before Seth Meyers aired the final installment of "Game Of Jones," the ongoing feature in which he watched the show with our country's biggest GOT fan, Leslie Jones, and she provided hilarious running commentary. "One of the many reasons to miss GOT is I will no longer be able to watch them with [Leslie Jones] but at least the send off did not disappoint," Meyers tweeted today.

The two got together for the season premiere, and there was no way they weren't going to watch the finale together as well. Watch below as they debate the similarities between speaking at King's Landing and performing at comedy clubs; bemoan Jon Snow's love life ("Once you have two girlfriends die, it's really hard to find a third one"); compare the Dragonpit meeting to a parole hearing; explain why Westeros would be rife with voter fraud; imagine Bran-faced coins; and compare Jon Snow to a kid who went off to college but ended up back in his home town.

The best part is probably Jones's utter delight at Brienne's final scene, in which she wrote about Jaime Lannister's exploits: "This is the story about a one-handed fuccboi who fucking left me out in the snow in my housecoat [a lot of bleeps] took my virginity and just rolled off with one hand."

As for people upset about the finale, Jones offered some advice: "Take a big glass of grow the fuck up, because Game Of Thrones is not real."

There is a damn good reason why Jones got her own award in our Game Of Thrones Power Rankings (a.k.a., "The Leslie Jones Award For Outstanding Celebrity Contributions To GOT Fandom"). If you missed out on her tweets from last weekend, they are also worth watching:

If you, like me, still find yourself idly clicking on every GOT-related link looking to fill that Wun Wun-sized hole in your heart, here are a few things to enjoy: Vulture ranked Bran's Creepy Stares, and actor Isaac Hempstead Wright also wrote his own essay reflecting on how GOT changed his life. Emilia Clarke described watching the finale, and other various cast members said their farewells to EW. Even Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighed in:

Sophie Turner posted the best behind-the-scenes photo from the finale:

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The pack survived

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Would a John Hughes-style ending have made the finale go down easier for some people?

This is a really elegant video compilation with one second from every episode of the show:

And lastly, here is the true moral of GOT: