By now, you are hopefully aware of SNL star Leslie Jones's unhinged passion for Game Of Thrones—she live (drunk) tweets most new episodes, she wants to do "sexuals with the Blackfish," and she considers Wun-Wun the giant her homie. Jones was sick during last week's monumental human BBQ episode, so Seth Meyers invited her back onto Late Night to watch the episode and provide some hilarious running commentary.

Duh Warning: spoilers for GoT ahead.

"You are watching this show at another level than I am watching," Meyers says at the top. We learn that Jones has dated multiple three-eyed ravens, she would have sex with Littlefinger (but wouldn't close her eyes because she doesn't trust him), criticizes the Starks for not breaking out the macaroni and cheese for their family reunions, and offers her own theory on Bran: "They need to really just get a blood test on him, cause I just think he's high."

Meyers asks her about her opinion on Varys, whom Jones compares to "the girlfriend you don't really know is your homegirl or not." And then actor Conleth Hill steps out to join then, and Jones can't stop screaming in joy—until they get into an argument about how to pronounce Theon Greyjoy's name. And if you liked all that, you'll definitely want to stick around to see her reaction to the episode-ending dragon battle. It is delightful.

Here are a couple more insta-classic Jones GoT tweets from this season: