Donald Trump spent the holiday weekend once again desperately trying to appeal to black voters who have, thus far, overwhelmingly rejected him. At meetings with community leaders in Philadelphia, a visit to a black church in Detroit, and various speeches in between, he has been criticized for his "tone, broad generalizations and statistical bloating" which have only driven more black voters away. But as Stephen Colbert pointed out, at least we got to witness Trump's signature dance move: "Shift a little left, shift a little right, same thing he does with his immigration policy."

While Colbert talked to a Trump "spokesperson" about Trump's campaign scripting all his answers to a church interview, Seth Meyers did an even more extensive dive into Trump's botched pandering parade. Despite all the racist rhetoric and dog whistles to white supremacists, Trump thought he could "overcome all that by going to a black church in Detroit, and awkwardly swaying back and forth like a dad who brought his kids to a Demi Lovato concert," Meyers said. "Also I love how anytime Trump engages in even the slightest physical activity, he has to check to make sure his hair is still there."

And the Daily Show labelled Trump's charm offensive "Orange Tries To Woo Black." As Trevor Noah put it, Trump only had three choices: "Barbershops, Tyler Perry movies and black churches."