The final Saturday Night Live episode of season 41 kicked off with one of its best political cold opens of the season, a bickering final look at Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Bernie Sanders' (Larry David) relationship. While SNL has struggled mightily with how to cover the increasingly-unhinged Republican presidential primaries this season, McKinnon and David have only gotten sharper and funnier as they have explored the candidates' increasingly nasty, childish rivalry. "Oh hello Bernie, I didn't see you sitting behind me—so far behind me you can never catch up," Clinton greeted Sanders. "Oh Bernie, it is always so just-fine to see ya."

Watch below as the two reminisce about the highs and lows of the campaign so far, tell each other their deepest secrets, and discuss Hillary's Seinfeldian "pivot" to the general election. It all ends on a sweet, sentimental note, with the two setting off into the sunset with a dramatic dance through Studio 8H, ending with the entire cast shouting the introduction.