Larry David did a pretty, pretty, pretty good job during his first time hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. It was undoubtedly one of the best shows of the 2010s, highlighted by the Curb Your Enthusiasm/Bernie Sanders mashup, David's surprisingly profane stand-up monologue, and Sanders guest appearance on a sinking ship. But while those sketches garnered the big headlines, the best thing of the night may have been David as Kevin Roberts, an orange-suited man who just wanted a donut.

And as you can see below, SNL released outtakes from the sketch, something they rarely do. But once you see David's face turn the same color as his suit as he struggles to say his lines while hysterically cracking up through rehearsal after rehearsal, you'll understand why.

Melissa McCarthy returns as host this weekend, with musical guest Kanye West, who has been hyping the show by spouting off controversial garbage over the last 24 hours.