Kristen Wiig's return to Saturday Night Live this weekend may have been slightly overshadowed by the ongoing hostility between Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump, but she was reliably elastic and hilarious in various sketches on cat ladies, CNN election coverage, and the Thanksgiving Day Parade. And there was plenty of leftover material, including at least two cut-for-time sketches that were put online today.

First up: Wiig and the cast channel the spirit of past holiday sketches (most memorably, Edward Norton's "Halloween Candy") for a surreal tour of the Thanksgiving meal. "Do you like peas?" Wiig asks. "Not me. So these are just birth control pills painted green. Donald Trump can't take away what he can't find." Come for the weird atmosphere, stay for Bobby Moynihan's scene-stealing turn as Russell.

Next: the goddesses of creation (Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer) show off their latest animals and creations, including a little nugget of slime that lives inside a coin purse.