Reality sex tape entrepreneur Kim Kardashian married her basketball playing fiance Kris Humphries in an extravagant wedding in California yesterday. Kardashian (hmph, Mrs. Humphries) was dressed in an ivory custom-designed Vera Wang gown, and there were a horde of stars in attendance, including Lindsay Lohan, Gretan Van Sustren, Ryan Seacrest, Kathie Lee Gifford and Carmelo Anthony. But the star of the day wasn't even inside the fortified confines of Chateau Kardashian—it was a precious preteen who ran through a gamut of classic faces as he videobombed a very important CNN report on the wedding. Watch it below:

There really was no better metaphor for how we felt about the whole over-the-top proceedings than this. This kid is a star! Actually, the more we watch the video, the more this leads us to believe that the faces the kid made, which every kid has made at some point, really have an evolutionary basis. We've evolved to somehow care about the Kardashians, while he's been naturally selected not to. Tell us your secret, face-making boy!