Oh, baby. Justin Bieber continued his new album's publicity push in New York last night with an appearance on David Letterman, where the lil' guy seemed dumbfounded by this thing called the Sistine Chapel. When the two were talking about the performer's new tattoo (which he presumably got this week in NYC), Letterman says he shouldn't get too many—"more and more you see the mural... like the Sistine Chapel... it's too much." To which Bieber responds, "I'm not going for the Sixteenth Chapel." This is what happens when you skip your schoolin' in pursuit of fame (though the talk show host blamed Canadian high school).

Biebs also hit up Fallon, where the two dueled for the title of "Most Awesome":

Now, raise your hand if you didn't think you were going to write about Justin Bieber five whole times this week. [ed. note: *Raises Hand*]