Back in 2009, there was a near riot at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island after crazed Justin Bieber fans flocked there to see the diminutive tween heartthrob. What's worse, not only did Bieber not even show up, his record label didn't even help cops, who asked them to Tweet a message saying the Biebs wasn't going to appear. But all that insanity is forgiven and forgotten now that Bieber's done an anti-cyberbullying PSA:

In the aftermath of the mall frenzy, a Def Jam executive and Bieber's manager (and PSY-signing) Scooter Braun were charged with the misdemeanors for not cooperating with authorities, but last year Bieber agreed to film a PSA about bullying if the charges were dropped.

Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice released the video today, which features Bieber wearing black-rimmed glasses and sitting in a huge chair (or maybe he's just extra small). He says, "Kids are mean and they don’t realize how hurtful what they’re saying can possibly be to the person they’re saying this stuff to -- cause to them, it’s just a word." It's difficult for the causal listener to detect, but Bieber's message is actually just a subtle reference to Phish's anti-bullying anthem "Punch You in the Eye."