Since it was first announced we've been very curious about HBO's upcoming 2008 election flick Game Change. Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin! Ed Harris as John McCain! Woody Harrelson as McCain advisor Steve Schmidt! Director Jay Roach and writer Danny Strong from HBO's last political movie, Recount! Well, now the wait is almost over. The first teaser has hit these here interwebs:

There isn't too much to go on here beyond pretty pictures—it does look pretty good, doesn't it? If a little bit, uh, dark. Or, as one commenter on YouTube put it "I'm almost expecting Michael Caine's Alfred the butler appearing during this trailer and saying 'There's a new evil emerging in Gotham, Master Wayne' as the shadowy figure of Palin emerges from the limo..." And, yeah, we can see that. Anyway, the Christian Bale-less movie lands in March.