Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time last night—and this was a huge improvement over last week's rough Russell Crowe outing. Even when she was handed only so-so material, Louis-Dreyfus was a superb and game host, eagerly selling battery-powered cars, reviving Elaine Benes, modeling huge jewelry, inhabiting a desperate cougar, and hamming it up as an actress who can't remember her lines.

Thank you so much @nbcsnl for a crazy fun time. Insane!

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The sketch getting all the headlines today was the political Cold Open, in which "real New Yorker" Elaine Benes was called upon to ask questions of both Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Bernie Sanders (Larry David). The pre-Elaine parts on the debate weren't quite as strong as other recent political, but the rest was manna from heaven for its target audience—the mini-Seinfeld reunion (bald insults, yadda-yadda-yaddas, and Costanza-worthy exclamations) was like shooting sitting ducks. Louis-Dreyfus also got a great joke in at Trump's expense in her self-effacing Monologue, comparing the election cycle to Veep: "When we started doing our show the idea of a presidential candidate being a cursing narcissistic buffoon was a joke."

Unlike a lot of episodes this season, the host was by far the stand-out performer of the night. Louis-Dreyfus was ridiculously hilarious while vamping it up in Cinema Classic (one of the few recurring sketches that's popped up in recent weeks) and as an alien in the very strange, very welcome Match.com Event. Even in shorter ads such as the very silly New Mercedes and Heroin AM (not everyone was happy with that last one), Louis-Dreyfus struck a perfect balance.

Click through for all those sketches, plus the trailer for God is a Boob Man, Jay Pharoah’s obscenely funny impression of Shaquille O'neal on Weekend Update, a cut-for-time Paul Ryan ad, and music from Nick Jonas. Brie Larson will host the show on May 7th, with musical guest Alicia Keys.