Any primer on New York life will say that it's important to give people their space—in such a crowded city, we must take care not to violate each other's blah blah blaaahhhh BLAAHHHdjshdky TO HELL WTH YOUR SPACE BUBBLE. One jolly bearded man, probably plunked here from the Andromeda Galaxy or West Coast, cares not about our rigidly enforced social norms regarding the touching of stranger's hands without permission. After all, one man's taxi hail is another man's high five!

New Yorkers reacted to this jovial alien with a characteristic blend of bemusement, surprise and discomfort. One businessman rudely jerks his hand away, because some people just hate fun and also who told this hippie he could touch my hand, these are Armani? A couple double takes later, though, even his icy Official Business demeanor cracked into a nascent grin.

It's heartening that no one tried to chase down the khaki clad imp or throw their soup at him. After all, standing in the street with an outstretched arm and exposed, trusting palm is an innately absurd gesture—if you think about it, isn't it surprising this doesn't happen more often? Shouldn't it?