Christmas is coming and you know what that means. Not just a bajillion Christmas tree vendors clogging our streets, but also the never ending liberal "war" on Christmas. But is there actually a war? Really? Well, if you had any doubts that this war is a sham (a highly entertaining sham!) the Daily Show last night ripped it to shreds in an epic three-part take down. Make Fox News Mad Libs?" Check. Hysterical reminder of the omnipresence of Christmas? Check. Bill O'Reilly being AMAZING? You betcha!

At first the segment started off like the run-of-the mill Fox News bashing that Jon Stewart does so well, this time focusing on their response to the "controversial" nativity banning in Santa Monica. And it is good. But then Stewart gets into just how inescapable the holiday fucking spirit is and, well, by the time he gets to The Flintstones Christmas try not to laugh:

And it didn't even stop there. Stewart and Co. then turn their attention to a spectacular Christmas time gaffe on the part of Bill O'Reilly that you really want to see for yourself: