Last week, Jon Stewart spoke about the results of the election at length with CBS This Morning, including what he viewed as the biggest missed opportunity of the campaign (holding Donald Trump's feet to the fire on what exactly makes America great). The rest of that interview has now been released, and it finds Stewart getting emotional while reflecting on his time at The Daily Show: "I believe it was the best extension of… what I know how to do. And perhaps I didn’t necessarily know that at the time,” Stewart said.

Stewart, appearing alongside Chris Smith (the author of the new oral history of The Daily Show), talks a bit about some pivotal segments, including the Bush v. Bush one from 2003 and Steve Carell talking with John McCain on the Straight Talk Express in 1999.

He also was asked whether he thought he could find something that’s equally right for him again. And his response makes us think we shouldn't get our hopes up about that HBO deal: "It was a gift that I was fortunate enough to be graced with for all that time and to be in contact with all those incredible people," he responded. "But I don’t expect to find that again. There’s a difference between satisfaction and joy. This gave me great satisfaction and it gave me great confidence, but joy— joy is driving a couple of knucklehead kids home from school that I get to sit, listen."

For more Daily Show nostalgia, Vulture has some highlights from the new book, and Entertainment Weekly has an excerpt from it about the first show after 9/11.