Yesterday, the city was very briefly captivated when a pair of goats were spotted along the N train tracks in Brooklyn. The runaway goats were found on the above-ground N tracks near Green-Wood Cemetery around 11 a.m. Monday. Cops arrived, tranquilized the goats, and took them to Animal Care & Control, where they were rescued by none other than G.O.A.T. Jon Stewart and his animal activist-author wife Tracey.

The Stewarts picked up the goats in Brooklyn and transported them part of the way to Farm Sanctuary’s shelter in Watkins Glen. You can see video of Stewart loading the male goats, who have been named Billy and Willy, onto a truck below.

"The rescue was actually a Farm Sanctuary rescue, but we often work closely with Jon and Tracey Stewart on NYC rescues," a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary spokesperson said. "We received a call from Animal Care & Control of NYC about the goats, and Jon and Tracey went to pick them up and transport them to our sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. Tracey is on our Board of Directors, and Farm Sanctuary has partnered with Jon and Tracey to open a farm and education center in New Jersey—but these goats are going to Farm Sanctuary's New York Shelter in Watkins Glen."

It's still unclear how the goats ended up on the subway tracks, though the Times noted there are multiple slaughterhouses in the area, and the goats are "of the Boer breed, which is commonly raised for its meat." Either way, this is a far kinder fate for the animals than MTA Chairman Joe Lhota has previously indicated he would extend to wildlife interfering with the subways.

This also isn't the first time that the Stewarts, who bought Bufflehead Farm in 2013 and turned it into a home for abused animals, have intervened to help animals in the city—they saved a pony and a runaway steer in 2016.